Pedicure Men

Pedicure Men

Men wearing sandals or generally like to look after your feet and appearance. Have a Pedicure.

Men''s ClassicPedicure 45mins
A gentle hard skin removal on the soles of the feet. The nails are shaped, cleaned and neatly treated to remove all unwanted skin (Cuticles) on and around the nail.. The feet are hydrated and moisturised. A clear protection coating for the nail or a natural nail buff to give a healthy nail appearance.

Men''s Deluxe Pedicure 1hr 15mins
As with the ‘classic pedicure’ above, plus a purifying foot treatment to help any skin problems. A scrub/exfoliation is used to enhance the level of dead skin removal from the soles of the feet and up to the knee area. A light foot and ankle massage to relax and also help with circulation. The feet are wrapped in an intensive treatment foot mask for deep moisture and soften the skin leaving amazing.

Men''s Paraffin Pedicure 1hr 30mins
As with the ‘Deluxe pedicure’ above, using a paraffin wax therapy instead of the foot mask. Paraffin wax therapy helps to speed healing and soothe muscle and joint pain by removing excess fluid from surrounding tissue while providing lubrication. (Great for Arthritis and Fibromyalgia)
It increases the blood supply to the area and layers of the skin, resulting in rejuvenated and nourished skin. (Great for Eczema, Psoriasis and Scar Tissue).

Men''s Intensive Hard Skin Pedicure 1hr 45mins
As with the ‘classic pedicure’ above, with added intensive work on all the hard skin around the heal, toes and soles of the feet. As with the ‘Deluxe Pedicure’ a scrub/ exfoliation is used to remove dead skin. Softening treatments will be used to remove hard excess skin. Great for people who exercise regularly, running in trainers or even just wearing ill fitting shoes/sandals.

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