How Organic Skin Care Can Improve the Quality of Your Life Healthy Diet Recipes

How Organic Skin Care Can Improve the Quality of Your Life  Healthy Diet Recipes

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How Organic Skin Care Can Improve the Quality of Your Life

The ecological, organic lifestyle continues to gather haste as thousands more people are ditching offensive chemical products for organic skincare products in a move to be more natural and at one with our environment.

The health of our skin reflects how we look after ourselves. So opting for more natural organic skin care products means our skin remains youthful and radiant for longer and in turn we feel happier within ourselves.

Some reports say a move towards natural and organic will not necessarily impact on our lives. However, there is an overriding argument that applying chemical based skincare products will age our skin. So why not preserve our youth, radiance and beauty and instead go for natural organic skin care products.

In a recent Channel 4 series, How Toxic Are You, punters were assessed on the number of chemicals consumed through the skin through the use of cleansers and moisturisers. Extraordinarily the research revealed how much we take our skin for granted and how oblivious we are of harmful gels, hairsprays, face scrubs, body moisturisers.

So with that in mind, here are some of the nasties chemical-wary consumers will inevitably keep their eyes peeled for. Top of the list are direct carcinogens; these are products like talc which has been linked with ovarian cancer, coal tar dyes used in cosmetics and lipsticks and watch out for frightening words ending in -nolamine and -thiazolinone. If in doubt, make a note and look them up when you get home. Compare the chemical based products with organic skincare products for example from the Organic Pharmacy and you will see a huge difference.

Second, look out for the contaminants, words that end in -chlorine or dioxane, found in a range of shampoos, hair conditioners, cleansers, lotions, and creams, as well as household products. Other chemicals inhaled and absorbed through the skin are ethoxylated alcohols, polysorbates, and laureths. Simple information like this will make your organic skin care choices much simpler.

Artificial colours are carcinogenic such as Blue 1 and Green 3 which are shown to cause cancer not only when ingested but when applied to the skin. Some artifical coal tar colours contain heavy metal impurities including arsenic and lead which are carcinogenic.

Phthalates found in hair sprays, perfume and nail polishes and skin moisturisers are commonly used to soften plastic. Research indicates that these chemicals disrupt the hormones and are linked to premature breast development in young girls and interference with reproductive development of male foetuses. When you next go to beauty counters look for organic natural skin care which will minimise your intake of these chemicals.

The occurrence of breast cancer has been linked to parabens which are a group of artificial preservatives. Also sodium lauryl sulphates in skin care products are shown to be irritable to the skin, eyes and respiratory tract and may damage the liver, lungs and immune system. Depression and dermatitis are linked to glycols are present in many skin care products. The list is endless, for now understand how carcinogens are responsible for disrupting your body. Before splurge out on that new lipstick or moisturiser, consider whether theres an organic skincare option.

Do you know your parabens from your sulphates? By choosing organic skincare products, youre making a better choice for you. is a website dedicated to providing impartial reviews on the organic skincare industry.

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