CenterState CEO Business Showcase

CenterState CEO Business Showcase

Yesterday was the CanterState CEO Business Showcase. The event took place at the OnCenter Convention Center in Downtown Syracuse featuring about 300 businesses. The business and organizations present ranged from local eateries to commercial services. Business present include the new Syracuse Media Group, Time Warner Cable, ServPro, Verizon, Syracuse First, ARC of Onondaga, Drivers Village and many more.

I found this event to be interesting as it afforded me an opportunity to talk to companies I have never heard of and get information on the services they provide. As well as network with companies about how they handle their social media. I obtained a lot of interesting information and gathered even more free swag.

One company that stands out to me is Running Food. They are a producer of Chia seed. They are a local company based out of Skaneateles, NY. After talking with them for a while and telling them who I am and what I do, they offered me a free full size sample to try for 30-days. I will of course try it and review it so stay tuned for that.

I was able to spend a lot of the show getting my name out there to business as a Social Media Consultant and made a lot of great connections for networking. I was certainly impressed by how open everyone I spoke to was about the idea of bringing on a Social Media Consultant for a short term project. I also got a chance to meet Chris from SyracuseFirst (@syracusefirst). He was such an awesome dude and he told me about this awesome event #BuyLocalBash. I am excited to attend this event as I am a huge proponent of supporting local businesses. I even ran into some old friends such as my former Apple manager who was there on behalf of The Tech Garden. He told me about all the great things they are doing with Start-ups and the student sandbox.

All in all I felt that this event was well organized and definitely worth the $5 admission cost. I feel however more local business should get involved in this great event as away to network and expand their business. If they are not already I feel that they should also look into becoming a member of CenterState CEO, they have a ton resources available for small business.

This post is not sponsored by any of the companies listed. The thoughts and opinions contained within are solely those of the author